Humans of ASHA: Monica Sampson, CCC-SLP

The coolest thing about being an advocate for any cause is that the only thing you need is passion...and Google...but mainly passion! I was a new grad student in Pennsylvania, living over 8,500 miles from my alma mater, when I realized that in the U.S. we had so many complimentary materials for student clinicians to use in their university clinics. Back in India, we were making everything from scratch. A light bulb went off in my head and I Googled the manufacturers of these therapy materials and then e-mailed them requesting international donations to my clinical program in India. Three months later, I received a message from my program chair in India indicating that they had received a massive shipment of materials. They continue to receive these gifts annually even today—13 years after the original e-mail! How cool that I was able to be a catalyst in that international connection!

Monica Sampson

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