Humans of ASHA: Missy Licata

When I first met Kim, it was hard for her to keep her eyes open, stay awake, or speak because of her tracheostomy. But I did know two things: she was strong, and she was beloved. Kim was 26 weeks pregnant at the time of her motor vehicle accident and delivered a gorgeous baby girl via c-section at 32 weeks. Kim's room at National Rehab was packed with family and photos of loved ones all wearing pink ribbons that read, "Believe." "Believe" was one of Kim's mantras prior to her accident, and her family and friends held on to it tightly while she was recovering. 

Over seven months, Kim worked daily with me to improve her swallowing, voice, short term memory, long term memory, executive functioning, and problem solving skills. She was tireless. She fought for everything she gained and she inspired me daily. Kim left the hospital on a regular diet, decannulated, and with vastly improved cognitive skills. She continued to make gains and is now volunteering at the elementary school where she used to work, driving again, and caring for her beautiful baby Annmarie.

Our enduring relationship is a testament to the bond between a therapist and a patient. Her hard work and progress taught me never to count anyone out and to never, ever stop believing!

Missy Licata

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