Humans of ASHA: Mijin Paik

Anxiety bubbled up as I ascended the elevator to escort Senator and Mrs. Glenn to their car. By the time I knocked on the door, I was sweating in my purple ASHA cardigan. "I'll be right there!" I heard through the door and for some reason, I started to relax. Maybe it was the familiar way she addressed me, even though we had just met. Maybe it was the way Senator and Mrs. Glenn so naturally joked with each other that made me feel at home. Whatever it was, when Annie Glenn asked me how I was doing, I believed she actually wanted to know. I got the sense that when she looked at me, she was really SEEING me. John Glenn—American hero that he is—clearly knew that blowing $150 of his pre-war savings on an engagement ring for the future Mrs. Glenn was the right thing to do. Anyone who's spent time with Annie would agree.

Mijin Paik

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