Humans of ASHA: Megan Sutton

While completing an undergraduate degree in linguistics, I saw a video of a person with aphasia in my Psychology of Language course. It was my first exposure to the language disorder. As I watched that person try so hard to get their words out, I knew right then that I would devote my life to helping people with aphasia communicate. After becoming a speech-language pathologist, I fell in love with inpatient rehab, especially aphasia therapy. My patients were frustrated that they never seemed to get as much therapy as they wanted, and they couldn't use the computer anymore to access the therapy software. Once I got my hands on an iPad, I knew it was the answer I (and they) had been seeking. I started a company developing apps for aphasia therapy in 2011, and have now helped thousands of people with aphasia to get more practice.

Megan Sutton

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