Humans of ASHA: Ken Anderson

Just like every other day, my office was full of students eating and talking during lunch. The speech room had become the known hangout for social rejects and oddballs. During these lunches I always tried to catch up on some e-mails and paperwork while simultaneously trying to keep mayhem to a minimum. As I typed on my computer one of the quieter boys, who typically sat away from the action, came over, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Mr. Anderson, you're not like the other teachers." I chuckled and asked, "How so?" "You act a little goofy like us, but you still make us work and do our best," he replied. It was the nicest compliment a student ever gave me. I was glad to be different; someone the students felt understood them and could relate to them. Most of the speech students I work with already feel different, due to their communication difficulties, so I'm happy to be an adult who lets them know that everyone is just a little bit different.

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