Humans of ASHA: Kellie Rowden-Racette

He was our first-born and so beautiful. Blonde hair, big blue eyes, and all smiles. But by age 2 he wasn't talking. Ever. The silence in our house was unbearable. During an early intervention visit with an occupational therapist we first heard the suggestion of "autism." Soon our house was overrun with an early intervention team. I remember resenting the speech-language pathologist at first because she kept reading to my child, as if I hadn't been doing that already. Then one day, I finally caught on that she was making him work, not filling in the gaps like we had been. At age 3½, his first sentence was, "I want more crackers, please," and he hasn't stopped talking since. Ever. This is why I came to work at ASHA seven years ago—I wanted to give something back to the profession that gave my baby his voice. Thank you.

Kellie Rowden Racette

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