Humans of ASHA: Jennifer Doughan

It’s not about doing something great in the hopes of being remembered; it's about doing something that inspires others. My undergraduate college didn't have a large CSD department. But what we lacked in academic supports, we made up for with passion. When I learned about the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA), I realized that starting a chapter on campus would allow all these passionate students around me to come together to collaborate, to share experiences, and perhaps, to advocate for increased CSD support on campus.

I will always be proud that I spearheaded this effort to found our NSSLHA chapter, but I am prouder still that this chapter continues to thrive since I have graduated. I've learned that an action as simple as encouraging a member to help plan an event, design a t-shirt, or set up a fundraiser can be a stepping stone to future leadership. What inspiration might these students bring to the chapter? What might they bring to the profession? That's the beauty of leadership to me.

Jennifer Doughan

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