Humans of ASHA: Deborah Ross

My personal motto is, "Let your light shine so others can see their way out of the dark." It's a truth in life that we have little insight into the difference even the shortest interaction can make in the lives of others. Think about someone who has impacted you greatly and really has no idea they did so. It could've been the person we chatted with in the market, the harried person rushing onto the elevator from the street, the child who didn't speak up for him/herself, the colleague or patient who caused a commotion.

As an SLP, I know the work we do enhances the key skills at the heart of the quality of life our adult and pediatric clients value: independence, autonomy, self-expression, socialization, thinking, and my personal favorite—eating! In 20 years, my profession has given to me as much or more than I've given to others and I do know I've worked hard. Still, I will never truly know the lives I have touched. All I can do is let my own light shine each day in every way and know that those I did impact may have found their own way out of the dark.

Deborah Ross

ASHA Corporate Partners