Humans of ASHA: A. Tucker Gleason

"Try to be useful to others." That was the advice my parents gave me, so when anyone asks me, "Can you help us with this?" I say yes and give it my best. Early in my career when a parent asked if I could help his terminally ill son hear him say, "I love you" after the boy had lost his hearing to ototoxic medications, I said I would try. I didn't aspire to be a Director of Audiology, but I was asked to help advocate for my colleagues. I didn't sit up at night and wonder how I could be appointed to my state licensing board and assist in drafting legislation for our professional practices, but I said yes to a request. And never ever in my wildest dreams did I think I would be selected to be the ASHA Convention Co-chair for Audiology, but I was asked to give it a shot. I get it now—we become leaders through our support of others.

A. Tucker Gleason

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