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Application to be an Independent Study Provider

By becoming an ASHA Independent Study Provider, your organization can offer an additional service to individuals seeking an opportunity to design individualized learning events to meet specific needs. 

An independent study course is a learner-initiated and learner-designed educational experience for the enhancement of skills and knowledge in a specific area that is relevant to the discipline of communication sciences and disorders. The learner-proposed independent study plan is reviewed, monitored, and approved by the CE administrator of the ASHA Approved Independent Study Provider.

Please read the CEB Manual  [PDF] excerpts below, which describe the requirements for offering independent study.

An ASHA Approved Independent Study Provider that has agreed to oversee independent studies should follow the process to plan, approve, and file an independent study plan for ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Note: Independent study (IS) plans are limited to 2.0 ASHA CEUs (20 clock hours) per plan. 

  1. Participant decides to engage in independent study.
  2. Participant develops a tentative independent study plan.
  3. Participant contacts an ASHA Approved Independent Study Provider that has agreed to oversee IS to discuss the plan.
  4. Provider agrees to monitor/process the independent study. Providers may charge participants a fee to monitor and process the independent study plan.
  5. Provider and participant follow CEB requirements to plan the independent study.
  6. Provider and participant agree on plan and sign the Independent Study Participant Worksheet.
  7. Participant completes the independent study experience and submits to the Independent Study Provider all documentation verifying satisfactory completion and related information.
  8. The ASHA CE administrator verifies satisfactory completion and, if all requirements are met, approves the independent study plan.
  9. Provider submits the registration and reporting for the independent study to the ASHA CE Registry no later than 45 days after the completion date of the independent study plan.
  10. ASHA CE staff reviews the Independent Study Course Registration to ensure that it meets CEB requirements and awards the participant ASHA CEUs if the participant paid the applicable CE Registry fee. 

After reviewing the independent study requirements, please respond to the following: 

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