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Application to Engage in Cooperative Agreements

As an ASHA Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider, your organization may wish to conduct cooperative offerings. A cooperative course/offering(s) is when an ASHA Approved CE Provider joins with an organization or entity that is not an ASHA Approved CE Provider to plan, deliver, and evaluate a continuing education course/offering(s) for ASHA continuing education units (CEUs). The ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) considers a course/offering(s) a cooperative if another party or entity is not part of the organization that has been approved as the ASHA Approved CE Provider, as detailed in the application to become an ASHA Approved CE Provider.

Conducting cooperative offerings is optional. Some ASHA Approved CE Providers do not conduct cooperative offerings. Others conduct only a select number of cooperative offerings per year. Providers who agree to conduct cooperative CE offerings must ensure that the other organization(s) (not categorized as ASHA Approved CE Providers) adhere to all CEB requirements [PDF] when planning, delivering, evaluating, and reporting on the course/offering(s). The ASHA Approved CE Provider must be involved in all phases of course planning, delivery, and evaluation.

Please read the CEB Manual [PDF] excerpts below, which describe the requirements for conducting cooperative offerings. 

  1. The ASHA CE administrator or a designated representative must have direct significant involvement in the planning, conduct, and evaluation of all cooperative CE offerings.
  2. The ASHA CE administrator (not a representative of the non-Provider) must complete the Course and Offering Registration form and collect the co-op fee (see fee schedule) from the non-Provider.
  3. The ASHA CE administrator submits the Course and Offering Registration form, accompanying materials, and the co-op fee (see fee schedule) so that it is received by the ASHA CE Registry at least 30 days before the beginning date of the course. 
  4. All promotional materials for cooperative CE offerings must identify the ASHA Approved CE Provider and include the ASHA CE brand block with specific information regarding the number of ASHA CEUs being offered, the content area, instructional level, and speaker disclosure information. 
  5. A Course Offering Report form and ASHA CEU Participant forms (if applicable) must be submitted to the ASHA CE Registry by the ASHA CE administrator so that they arrive in the ASHA CE Registry no more than 45 days after the completion date of the course. 
  6. Providers that conduct cooperative CE offerings with other units or departments within the same institution/organization may be liable for a co-op fee if those units were not described in the original application for CE Provider approval as part of the organization seeking Approved CE Provider status.

Note: The ASHA CE administrator should be the one to contact ASHA CE staff with any questions regarding a cooperative offering. 

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