About "Speak To Me"

Mike Guerrieri

Kathe Guerrieri

At this year's Annual Convention in Philadelphia convention attendees were welcomed by a music video showcasing a song produced to celebrate and recognize audiologists and speech-language pathologists. 

The song, "Speak To Me," was written by one of ASHA's staff members, Information Systems Director Mike Guerrieri. Mike is a first-class information technology professional, but in his spare time is also quite a musician. He plays guitar and sings in a band, and as you can tell by this song, he composes his own music. Mike was inspired to write this song primarily because of his mother, Kathe Guerrieri, and her struggles with a communications disorder. Mrs. Guerrieri's voice was impacted by the result of a stroke, and later, she suffered from further weakening of her voice and swallowing caused by Multiple Systems Atrophy. Mike says, "As this horrible disease progressed, I knew that I wouldn't be able to speak with her for much longer, so I cherished the opportunities I had." Mike says that he learned through working at ASHA what important work ASHA members do. But, he also says that this personal experience really brought this message home. He says, "This has made me more aware of how critical human communication is and what a gift our members give every day to help people express this human right." Mike says that this song, which he gave to the Association, is a small tribute and thank you to all of our members.

All the guitar parts in the song were performed by Mike, and the singer is a recording artist from North Carolina, Young Fletcher. You may be hearing a lot more from Young Fletcher over the next few years. His R&B career is just getting started.

Members can view the music video or download the full song or ringtone. Feel free to share the song with friends. The message of the song will help spread the word about the important work performed by all of ASHA's members, every day.