"Speak To Me" Lyrics

by Mike Guerrieri


Speak to me of your sadness
Speak to me of your dreams
Speak to me of your gladness
Speak to me of your fears
Speak to me of the sunlight on the water glistening
And I'll be right here listening

You've got something to say
But you can't find the words
You feel like you've lost your way
Well I'm holding out a sign
That says everything's going to be okay


What a beautiful sound
To hear your voice
Something lost is found
Though it's just a whisper
There's joy all around

Echoes through the universe
Through space and time
Through the whispering grasses
And the sighing pines
Vibrations connecting
You and all mankind
When you raise your voice
And speak your mind

Chorus 2x

Lyrics and music are copyright ©2009 Mike Guerrieri