Convention Program

The Call for Papers for the 2018 ASHA Convention in Boston will open on January 30, 2018. Please contact for questions about submitting a proposal to present.

The ASHA Convention is the strongest educational program for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, speech and hearing scientists, and related professionals. The complete 2017 program offering over 2,500 CEU-eligible sessions—including short courses (ticketed, additional fee), oral seminars, flash sessions (formerly technical sessions), and poster presentations—is available for viewing through the online Program Planner. 

Handouts and Final Presentations/Session Materials

Final presentations, if presenters agreed to publicly share their slides and materials when uploading their presentations in the Speaker Ready Room onsite at the ASHA Convention, are now accessible for viewing or downloading via the Program Planner or mobile app (iOS or Android). (Please note that you will need to update the mobile app first if you have it already downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.) To view final presentations or advance handouts, search for a session within the Planner or mobile app, then select the title to open the full session details. If handouts or presentations have been shared, you will see the links to them at the bottom of the session detail screen.

New Convention App 

Convention – App icon - 50x50 pixels The all-new and improved app, customized for ASHA, is here to help you plan your schedule and navigate the ASHA Convention! In addition to the searchable program, anything you save in the new online Program Planner will also be viewable in the app on your smartphone or tablet, and vice versa. Other expanded features include access to advance handouts and/or presentation slides (if shared by presenters), space to take session notes, floor plans with a location finder, social media feeds, and much more.*



Use the links above to download the mobile app to your smartphone or tablet, or search the Apple Store or Google Play for "2017 ASHA Convention" and look for the Convention app icon as above.

Program Planner

The complete 2017 program is available through the online Program Planner. Use it to search for sessions and read abstracts, author bios, learner objectives, presenter disclosures, and access handouts/session materials (if shared by presenters).

Program Book

Each registrant will receive a copy of the Program Book at the Materials Pick-up area onsite in Los Angeles. View the digital version of the official  2017 ASHA Convention Program Book on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Program Addendum

The Program Addendum [PDF] lists session changes from October 4, 2017 – November 2, 2017. Copies will be available onsite at Materials Pick-up and Info Booths.

Short Courses

Attendance at your choice of more than 2,500 oral seminars and poster presentations is included with your ASHA Convention registration, however, you may also choose to purchase tickets to Short Courses.

Short Courses are 3-hour ticketed sessions with an additional fee of $80 for attendance. They offer more in-depth content presented at the intermediate level or above and are led by presenters who hold expertise in the subject matter. Tickets for Short Courses may be purchased through Convention  registration.

Pre-Convention Workshops

On Wednesday, November 8, the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA) and the American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders are sponsoring the  pre-Convention workshops. The workshops are a great way to earn additional CEUs before the ASHA Convention officially begins. Tickets for the workshops may be purchased through  registration.

You may purchase a ticket for a pre-Convention workshop even if you do not plan to attend the ASHA Convention—a valuable professional development opportunity for local members.

Program Resources

  • View the digital version of the Pocket Planner on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. The Pocket Planner is an abbreviated preview of only 1-hour and 2-hour oral seminars to be offered at the ASHA Convention, listing session titles only.
  • Schedule at a Glance 
  • Convention Content Topic Areas
  • Session Format Descriptions
  • ASHA Convention CEU Information  
  • Note-taking templates to use at sessions: Sample 1 [PDF], Sample 2 [PDF]
  • View the Convention Program Committee members. These volunteers dedicate many hours to help create the Convention program.

General Expectations for Sessions Offered at the ASHA Convention

Education sessions at the ASHA Convention are noncommercial. It is not acceptable to use an education session to advertise a program, product, or service for sale.

  • The views that speakers express in education sessions are their own, and do not necessarily reflect ASHA's policies.
  • ASHA does not endorse programs, products, or services. Acceptance of a paper for presentation does not constitute ASHA's endorsement of its content.
  • Speakers are expected to refrain from comments or humor that disparages the rightful dignity of any person or group.
  • Speakers are expected to comply with copyright law and HIPAA regulations in selecting material and images for their presentations. In particular, speakers are cautioned against using images or identifying details of any client or patient without express written permission to do so.

Information for Presenters

These guidelines are offered to assist presenters with preparing both oral seminars and posters for presentation at the ASHA Convention.

  • General Information for All Presenters
  • Information for Oral Session Presenters
  • Information for Poster Presenters
  • Call for Papers Agreement and Disclosure Policy
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Disclosures
  • Information is available on ASHA's CE website to help prospective presenters include principles of evidence-based practice in their presentations.

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