Message from Gregg Givens, Convention Co-Chair for Audiology

2012 ASHA Convention in Atlanta: Audiology Call for Papers

Gregg GivensAtlanta, what better place to explore the 2012 ASHA Convention theme of "Evidence of Excellence: Opportunities and Outcomes." Atlanta is a city that displays the very struggle in which citizens used opportunities to produce an outcome of basic civil rights for all. Celia Hooper, my co-chair, friend, and fellow North Carolinian, and I are both excited to be included as your ASHA hosts of this theme and at this city.

It is already time to plan for another outstanding international meeting of audiologists and hearing scientists at which attendees can present their opportunities and evidence of successes as well as learn from others. The Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu stated so well, "Opportunities multiply as they are seized." Through this event, it is hoped that discovery will take place, as well as new opportunities will unfold for the clinician and the scientist.

The success of this year's Convention is dependent on the membership's collective ideas and interaction. We have already been so impressed with the hundreds of hours the Topic Chairs and their committee members have put into the 2012 ASHA Convention and it is only January. Our wonderful group of colleagues are as follows: Steve Kramer (San Diego State University)–Adult Hearing Assessment; John Ferraro (University of Kansas)–Hearing Science; Pat Roush (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)–Infant Hearing: Screening and Assessment; Carol Cokely (University Texas, Dallas)–Intervention/Rehabilitation for Adults With Hearing Loss; Brenda Ryals (James Madison University)–Global Issues and Practices Across the Discipline; Melody Harrison (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)–Intervention/Habilitation for Infants and Children With Hearing Loss; Sridhar Krishnamurti (Auburn University)–Neuro Audiology and Central Auditory Processing; Sherri Jones (University of Nebraska,Lincoln)–Vestibular/Balance Assessment and Rehabilitation; Sue Ellen Krause (private practice)–Business, Management, and Professional Issues; Colleen O'Rourke (Georgia State University) and Donise Pearson (Callier Center/UT Dallas)–Research Issues Across the Discipline.

So plan to be a part of the annual Convention as a presenter or attendee and come to Atlanta to offer your challenges, opportunities and outcomes. Submit your ideas and experiences whether they be outcomes from neonatal follow-up, a new approach toward successful amplification, neuro-imaging, aural rehabilitation, vestibular/balance rehabilitation, or auditory processing. We are all better citizens and professionals through communication. Each of you has something to offer for the greater good, so submit your proposals to the Call for Papers and enjoy Atlanta and your colleagues this November.

See ya'll in Atlanta,