Adolescent Language and Literacy: Supporting Emotional, Social, and Academic Growth

Speaker Disclosures

In compliance with requirements set by ASHA's Continuing Education Board concerning transparency in course planning, delivery, and marketing, below is information on speakers' financial and non-financial interests relevant to the content of their presentations.

Speaker Session(s) Relevant Financial Relationship Relevant Non-Financial Relationship
Barbara J. Ehren Let's Make a Difference With Adolescents Student Success Initiatives, Inc.; consulting fee
ASHA; speaking fee
ASHA; committee work
Perry Flynn Effective Service Delivery in Middle and High Schools ASHA; speaking fee none
Patricia Sampson Graner Foundational Strategies to Support Disciplinary Literacy ASHA; speaking fee None
Melissa D. Malani Strategic Approaches to Digital Literacy ASHA; speaking fee None
Kim Murza Inference Generation Skills: Intervention for Adolescents With ASD Providing Autism Links and Supports; grant funds
ASHA; speaking fee
Kristine Noel Improving Self-Regulation in Adolescents Cognitive Press; contract to publish one of the strategies that will be presented
ASHA; speaking fee
Vicki A. Reed Influencing SLP Services in Secondary Schools ASHA; speaking fee None
Bonnie Singer A Strategic Approach to Writing Intervention Architects For Learning, LLC; intellectual property rights, speaking fee
ASHA; speaking fee
Janet M. Sturm Enriched Writers' Workshop: High-Quality Writing Instruction for Adolescents With Developmental Disabilities Don Johnston, Inc.; grant funds, intellectual property rights, speaking fee, royalty
ASHA; speaking fee
Topics in Language Disorders; editor
Susan Trumbo Progress Monitoring in Different Service Delivery Models Botetourt County Public Schools; fee for Providing Professional Development/Instructional Coaching in Strategic Instruction Model? Learning Strategies None
Kathleen Whitmire How Do You Motivate Adolescents? ASHA; speaking fee None
Julie Wolter Semantic and Literacy Development Through Morphological Awareness ASHA; speaking fee None
Vicky Zygouris-Coe Language and Literacy With Common Core State Standards ASHA; speaking fee None

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