2017 ASHA Convention Registration Giveaway

In honor of the 80th Annual ASHA Convention, we are giving away eight complimentary registrations to the 2017 ASHA Convention in Los Angeles, November 9–11, 2017, through The ASHA Leader.

A "save the date" ticket for the 2017 Convention was enclosed in each copy of the May 2017 issue of The Leader.

The printing company randomly assigned the winning tickets to copies of The Leader, and ASHA staff have no knowledge of who received the winning tickets.

How To Win

To find out whether you are a winner, scratch off the panel on the back of the ticket. If you received one of the tickets with the "VIP17" code underneath the scratch-off panel, you have one of the winning tickets! If you see the ASHA logo, then you did not win a free registration, but we hope that you save the November 9–11 date and plan to join us in Los Angeles.

Did You Win? How To Claim Your Complimentary Registration

  1. Using black ink or a black marker (such as a Sharpie), clearly write the last 3 digits of your ASHA ID in the white "VIP17" code box.
  2. Take a photo of your winning ticket, so the VIP17 code box is visible, and e-mail the photo to us at registration@asha.org with your name, full ASHA ID number, and best contact information.
  3. Once we receive your winning ticket message, we will verify your membership and contact you with details about how to register with a special complimentary code.

Rules and Restrictions

The complimentary registration is valid for the 2017 ASHA Convention in Los Angeles only and may not be applied to future ASHA events.

Only one winner/complimentary registration may be claimed per ticket.

You must be an ASHA Member, ASHA International Affiliate, ASHA Associate, or National NSSLHA Member in good standing to redeem the complimentary registration.

This prize is for complimentary registration only and does not include or cover the cost of transportation, lodging, meals, or any additional ticketed items such as Short Courses, lunches, receptions, Closing Party, or ASHFoundation donations, or any other optional registration add-on for which fees may apply. These items may be added to the individual’s registration as desired; however, any additional ticket or event fees beyond registration are not covered by ASHA and will be paid for by the individual.

All taxes relative to the complimentary registration prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. No prize substitutions, assignments, or transfers. No cash equivalents.

Winners understand and agree that ASHA and its agents, affiliates, sponsors, representatives, or employees do not have any liability with respect to any damages resulting from acceptance and use of the complimentary registration.

ASHA staff, vendors and exhibitors are not eligible.

Winning complimentary registration must be claimed and the recipient must be registered by October 31, 2017

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