Neurodegenerative Disorders: Maximizing Patient Outcomes

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"The content was—hands-down—outstanding and enlightening. Thank you for re-invigorating my practice!

That was what we heard from one of our attendees when we originally ran this online conference in February.

Then we heard more accolades, like:

"This conference was so thorough and touched on every aspect of care—from diet considerations, to AAC, to evaluation and treatment of voice, speech, dysphagia—and it featured such talented and knowledgeable speakers."

"Good breadth of high-quality, research-based, useful, relevant, and specific information related to assessment, treatment, and interdisciplinary management of neurodegenerative disorders."

"I was most impressed by the speakers and their depth of knowledge and experience. This was an impressive and memorable learning experience."

"I liked the wide variety of topics included in the conference as they encompassed strategies for a complete, holistic assessment and treatment plan."

"I appreciated the accessibility, flexibility, and quality of this conference. I also appreciated how easy it was to access modules from a mobile device."

"The conference was so relevant to my daily routines. And I loved that I could view the courses at my pace and at home!"

"This is my first online conference. As an SLP in private practice, I usually have to cancel billable work hours or hire child-care so I can attend conferences but not with this online format! This not only helps me professionally but helps with that elusive 'work-life balance' working moms face."

After reviews like these, we had to repeat this online conference. It's perfect for SLPs who want to sharpen their diagnostic and treatment skills while expanding their approach to treat the whole patient.