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In-Service Events

An in-service event is a live, in-person event and virtual event that happen simultaneously to enable two audiences to participate as one. Akin to many live television shows, in-service events feature a production crew (e.g., multiple video cameras and a real-time video stream) as well as a studio audience and additional audiences watching from afar. However, unlike television shows, the remote audience at the in-service event is actively integrated and engaged! Whether you join in person or online, you will:

  • gain front-row access to the speakers;
  • participate in all the breakout activities;
  • engage in meaningful conversations and question & answer sessions;
  • network with peers.

Join us to experience the next generation of learning–one that's dynamic, interactive, and exciting!  

How To Participate

You have two attendance options:

  • join the learning event in person at our National Office in Rockville, Maryland (limited space available)* or
  • actively participate online, via a real-time Internet broadcast.

Note: For those unable to attend the live program in either format, it will be recorded and converted into an on-demand product available for purchase at a later date.  

The in-service event will be broken into two sections, with a lunch break in between. Each section will be packed with opportunities to engage with and learn from our expert speakers as well as other attendees—whether you're physically seated at a table in the National Office or participating afar in an interactive chat room.

As with any continuing education opportunity, you get what you put in. Therefore, we encourage you to come prepared, with the primary intention of absorbing and retaining as much knowledge and insight as possible. While participating, keep track of your big "aha" moments as well as how you can immediately apply this knowledge and information in your workplace. What is more, we strongly suggest you take advantage of the opportunities to engage with your peers-connect with friends and forge new networks.

Registration opens soon.

*By attending in person, you consent to the photographing of yourself, the recording of your voice, and the use of these photographs and/or recordings in conjunction with ASHA's in-service program. You further consent to the reproduction and/or authorization by ASHA to reproduce and use said photographs and recordings of your voice for use in the on-demand version of the product.

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