Mutual Recognition Agreement Frequently Asked Questions: Process for Application to Other Signatory Associations

If I hold ASHA certification, what documentation will I need to provide to another signatory association in order to be granted their certification?

Because it varies from association to association, you must contact the association directly to determine their specific requirements. One item that all associations require is verification from your original certifying association, termed the "Home Association" in the Mutual Recognition Agreement, that you hold current, valid certification. You can provide verification of your ASHA certification by using the online ASHA Certification Verification system to download and print an official ASHA verification letter, or contact the ASHA Action Center at 800-498-2071 to request a verification letter be mailed to any of the associations you designate.

How much does the process for application for certification cost?

You must pay the fees stipulated by the signatory association from which you will be seeking certification. Because these fees vary, you will need to contact the association directly for more information.

Once I submit my application for certification, how long does it take to be notified of the certification decision?

Processing depends on the number of individuals in process when your application is received, whether or not you submit all required documents at the time of application, and the signatory association's staffing resources. A reasonable expectation is probably four to six weeks.

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