Mutual Recognition Agreement Frequently Asked Questions: Maintaining Certification

Once I become certified by one of the other signatory associations, will I still need to maintain my certification with my Home Association?

If you wish to be able to state that you hold certification from your Home Association, you will need to maintain your affiliation with them through compliance with their standards. In most cases, this will mean payment of fees, and participation and reporting of continuing education or professional development activities. Information on requirements for maintaining your original certification should be directed to your Home Association.

Will I need to participate in continuing education activities for the signatory association?

Yes, if that is a requirement for continuing or maintaining your certification. Once you have achieved certification by the signatory association, you must comply with all requirements of that signatory association.

If I become certified by the signatory association and then allow that certification to lapse, can I use the Agreement to reinstate that certification?

No. Once you have been certified by the signatory association, you will need to meet its reinstatement policies and procedures. The Agreement cannot be used to reinstate certification.

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