Certification Standards for Audiology
Frequently Asked Questions: Certification Maintenance

Once I am certified, what do I need to do to maintain my certification?

You must do three things to maintain your certified status:

  1. pay your annual dues/fees when billed
  2. continue to abide by the ASHA Code of Ethics
  3. participate in continuing professional development hours sufficient to meet the certification maintenance requirements outlined on the ASHA website

What happens if I don't pay the annual dues/fees or if I don't comply with the certification maintenance requirement?

Failure to pay annual dues/fees or meet the maintenance requirement will cause your certification status to change to "Not Current," and possibly to expire. Should you decide at a later date that you wish to again be certified, you will need to meet the certification reinstatement requirements in effect at the time you submit your reinstatement application. Current certification maintenance requirements and reinstatement procedures are detailed on the ASHA website.

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