Certification Standards for Audiology
Frequently Asked Questions: Course Work/Knowledge Areas

How much course work must be completed under the 2012 standards?

Applicants for certification must complete a program of study that includes academic course work and a minimum of 1,820 hours of supervised clinical practicum sufficient in depth and breadth to achieve the knowledge and skills outcomes stipulated in Standard IV. The supervision must be provided by individuals who hold the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in Audiology.

How will the program director know that I have acquired the needed knowledge and skills?

Each academic program will have determined the specific student learning outcomes and mechanisms they will use to assess students' acquisition of knowledge and skills. The Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CFCC) expects that programs will use a variety of mechanisms (e.g., performance on exams, submitted papers, performance in clinic) and will make these assessments on an on-going basis.

If a student receives a passing grade in a course, won't that indicate that he or she has gained a particular knowledge or skill?

It may, but a grade won't tell the CFCC which knowledge or skill has been mastered. Knowledge may be gained in more than one area through completion of a course. The CFCC is relying on academic and clinical instructors/supervisors to assess which knowledge and skills have been achieved and how they have been achieved.

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