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The Process of Applying for ASHA CE Provider Approval

  1. Submit an application for ASHA Approved CE Provider status. Send one original and 2 copies (3 total) of the application and attachments, and the nonrefundable application review fee to  ASHA Continuing Education (CE).
  2. Undergo review by ASHA Continuing Education – ASHA CE reviews the application to determine the applicant’s ability to comply with each of the requirements and required practices [PDF]. If we require further clarification regarding any part of the application, CE staff will ask the applicant to provide additional information within 6–8 weeks of application receipt. It typically takes 2–3 months for ASHA CE to reach an approval decision.
    • Undergo expedited application review – An organization may obtain an expedited review of its application. Expedited applications receive a response from ASHA CE within 2 weeks of receipt of the application. Any subsequent clarifications provided by the applicant are also reviewed within 2 weeks of receipt. A chart of all fees (whether refundable or nonrefundable) is available online.
  3. ASHA CE completes the review – ASHA CE staff communicates the decision to the applicant.
  4. ASHA CE approves applicant – Applicants are notified of their approval by a letter from the Associate Director of ASHA CE. Approval lasts for 5 years, during which ongoing monitoring by ASHA CE takes place.
  5. CE Administrator (CEA) completes online tutorial – Upon application approval, the Provider organization’s proposed CEA must complete a self-guided, online tutorial to learn more about the process of registering and reporting courses. To complete the tutorial, the proposed CEA must achieve a passing score (80% or better) on each of 10 tutorial quiz sections.
  6. Provider pays annual fee – The organization receives an invoice for the Provider annual fee. The Provider annual fee is a calendar year fee, and approved organizations pay the full annual fee regardless of the month in which approval is granted. ASHA does not prorate the Provider annual fee. For example, an organization approved in October 2019 must pay the full annual fee for the year approved (2019) and will need to pay the following year’s annual fee (2020) by December 31, 2019.
  7. ASHA CE onboards and activates the Provider – When the organization has paid the Provider annual fee and the organization’s proposed CEA has completed the online tutorial, the CEA (and any support staff who would like to participate) will work with an ASHA CE representative in a comprehensive onboarding process. During onboarding, the CEA will review and update the Provider’s processes and protocols to ensure compliance with the ASHA CEB’s requirements. The ASHA CE representative will also guide the new CEA through the process of registering and reporting on the Provider’s first course and offering. Upon completion of the onboarding process, the new Provider is activated and can begin offering courses independently. The Provider will be expected to complete separate orientations to offer Cooperative courses and Independent Study courses. Recently approved ASHA CE Providers must refrain from planning, conducting, or evaluating any Cooperative courses or Independent Study courses until they have completed the corresponding orientations with the ASHA CE representative.

    If becoming an ASHA approved CE Provider sounds right for your organization, continue to the next step: Let Us Know More About You. To get started, submit the contact form and download the ASHA CE Provider application.

    Not ready to apply, but you'd like to review the application? Download a read-only version of the application [PDF] (i.e., not fillable). When you're ready to apply, complete the Let Us Know More About You form to access the fillable/savable version.

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