Report Course Participants by Fax

All ASHA Approved CE Providers may fax ASHA CEU Participant Forms and the accompanying Course Offering Report Form to this toll-free number: 866-271-3040.


  • Save money! No more shipping and mailing costs.
  • Save time and money! Keep originals for your records—no more copying.
  • Convenient! Fax ASHA CEU Participant Forms 24/7 (nights, holidays, weekends).
  • Quick! ASHA CEUs are posted to participants' transcripts faster than those sent through the mail.
  • Free! It's a toll-free number.


  • Do not fax any other items, like course registration materials, to 866-271-3040. This number is only for the receipt of ASHA CEU Participant Forms and the accompanying Activity Report Form.
  • Do not fax the Course Offering Report Form only to 866-271-3040. To report on courses that were canceled, or held and no participants requested ASHA CEUs, use the Web form.


  • Complete and print the fax cover sheet [DOC] listing all the courses being reported on via the fax.
  • Assemble reporting material in this order: Fax Cover Sheet [DOC],  Course Offering Report Form [PDF], ASHA CEU Participant Forms [PDF] (for that course).
  • Submit reporting materials for multiple courses in the same fax making sure that each Course Offering Report Form is followed by the ASHA CEU Participant Forms for that course.
  • Program your fax machine to provide a confirmation receipt for your records.
  • Fax reporting materials to 866-271-3040.
  • Watch for your course roster to arrive via e-mail and check the roster carefully.
  • Immediately report any discrepancies to your ASHA CE Provider Manager.

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