Report Course Participants by Fax

All ASHA Approved CE Providers may fax ASHA CEU Participant Forms and the accompanying Course Offering Report Form to this toll-free number: 866-271-3040.


  • Save money! No more shipping and mailing costs.
  • Save time and money! Keep originals for your records—no more copying.
  • Convenient! Fax ASHA CEU Participant Forms 24/7 (nights, holidays, weekends).
  • Quick! ASHA CEUs are posted to participants' transcripts faster than those sent through the mail.
  • Free! It's a toll-free number.


  • Do not fax any other items, like course registration materials, to 866-271-3040. This number is only for the receipt of ASHA CEU Participant Forms and the accompanying Activity Report Form.
  • Do not fax the Course Offering Report Form to report on courses that were canceled, or held and no participants requested ASHA CEUs. Use the Web form to report zero participants and use the Course and Offering Registration and Cancellation System to cancel a course offering that was not held.


  • Complete and print the fax cover sheet [DOC] listing all the courses being reported on via the fax.
  • Assemble reporting material in this order: Fax Cover Sheet [DOC],  Course Offering Report Form [PDF], ASHA CEU Participant Forms [PDF] (for that course).
  • Submit reporting materials for multiple courses in the same fax making sure that each Course Offering Report Form is followed by the ASHA CEU Participant Forms for that course.
  • Program your fax machine to provide a confirmation receipt for your records.
  • Fax reporting materials to 866-271-3040.
  • Watch for your course roster to arrive via e-mail and check the roster carefully.
  • Immediately report any discrepancies to your ASHA CE Provider Manager.

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