Registering a Course for Partial Credit and Informing ASHA CE of Exceptions


When a participant earns ASHA CEUs, their CE Registry transcript includes a description that highlights the course's learning outcomes. Regulatory agencies review the CE transcript and assume that the individual met all the learning outcomes included in the course description. For this reason, it is important for ASHA Approved CE Providers to determine if it is possible for a participant to meet all of the course's learning outcomes without full attendance. This "partial credit" (aka variable credit) decision made while planning the course, is indicated on the Course and Offering Registration Form, and should be communicated to potential registrants.

Decisions to offer courses for partial credit are made before the course is offered; however, if extenuating circumstances arise during the course, the ASHA Approved CE Provider may decide to make an exception and allow a particular participant to earn partial credit even when the course was not registered as such.


Course Registration

To help you determine whether a participant meets all the course's learning outcomes without attending the entire course, the Course and Offering Registration form includes a listing of situations where it is reasonable to offer partial credit. Indicate yes or no as to whether the course design allows an individual to earn less than the course's maximum ASHA CEUs. If the course is appropriate for partial credit, you will then indicate the mechanism by which course participants will demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes.

The course registration confirmation letter now includes whether the course is to be available for partial credit (see example below).

ASHA CEUs:  0.50        Available for partial credit:  No

Course Promotion

After deciding that a course will not be offered for partial credit, ASHA recommends adding a statement to that effect to the course's promotional and registration materials. See sample wording:

For a group learning experience:

"Program Completion Requirements: Participants are expected to be present for the entire program. Individuals who are not present for the full program will not be recommended for ASHA CEUs. No partial credit will be provided."

For a blended learning experience:

"Program completion requirements: Participants in this program must meet the time requirements for module completion and webinar participation. Individuals who do not meet both time requirements will not be recommended for ASHA CEUs. No partial credit will be provided."

Course Reporting

The Course Offering Report Form asks in section H about the assigning of partial credit to participants. If partial credit was assigned, you'll be asked to check a reason. There are two options:

  1. The course was registered as available for partial credit as evidenced by the course registration confirmation stating "available for partial credit: Yes," or
  2. The provider makes an exception due to a participant emergency.

In either case, the Provider must complete the Provider Use Only box found on the ASHA CEU Participant form for individuals earning less than the course's maximum number of ASHA CEUs.

Use the CE Provider Course Offering Report form [PDF] to request a change in the registered amount of ASHA CEUs should weather or instructor illness or some other calamity effect the attendance of all of the participants in a course offering.


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