Providers Must Adhere to Required Practice 3.4e by January 1, 2019

All ASHA Continuing Education (CE) Providers must adhere to Required Practice 3.4e as of January 1, 2019. An appeal will be necessary if print or digital course descriptions, promotional materials, or advertisements are out of compliance starting on January 1, 2019.

Required Practice 3.4e provides additional direction related to print or digital course descriptions, promotional materials, and advertisements:

Required Practice 3.4e

Print or digital course descriptions, promotional materials, or advertisements must adhere to the following requirements:

  • When referencing the credit offered, the specific type of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), credit, or hours must be identified. For example, use "ASHA CEUs" not "CEUs." 
  • Advertising cannot include the phrase "free ASHA CEUs," or any language implying or suggesting the awarding of ASHA CEUs is free.
  • The word "free" may be used when advertising a course that has no registration fee.
  • If course registration is free, but the purchase of an item related to the course is required to participate in the course—for example, a book or a device—this must be disclosed to the learner prior to their registering for the course.
  • The acronym "CEU" should not be used to mean "course." For example, say, "New courses for ASHA CEUs," not "New CEUs." 

ASHA CE Board Requirement 3, including all the required practices, can be found online [PDF].

Please contact your Provider Manager if you have any questions about Required Practice 3.4e. If your question is related to a specific course that you plan to offer for ASHA CEUs, contact your Provider Manager before it is promoted, advertised, or submitted to ASHA CE. They can help you ensure compliance with Required Practice 3.4e prior to course submittal.

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