Help Developing Cooperative Courses

A cooperative course/offering(s) is when an ASHA Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider joins with an organization or entity that is not an ASHA Approved CE Provider to plan, deliver, and evaluate a continuing education course/offering(s) for ASHA continuing education units (CEUs), and a fee is incurred. The ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) considers a course/offering(s) a cooperative if another party or entity is not part of the organization approved as the ASHA Approved CE Provider as detailed in the application to become an ASHA Approved CE Provider.

A joint providership course/offering(s) is when two or more ASHA Approved CE Providers team up to jointly plan, deliver, and evaluate a course/offerings(s). One of the ASHA Approved CE Providers must take responsibility for the registration and reporting of the course/offering(s) to ASHA. There is no fee incurred or due to ASHA when two or more ASHA Approved CE Providers offer a course.

However, if multiple organizations work together to plan, conduct, deliver, and evaluate a course/offering(s), and one or more of the organizations are NOT ASHA Approved CE Providers, then this is considered a cooperative course/offering(s) and a fee is incurred.

Getting Started

Conducting courses with other organizations requires the Provider to clearly communicate expectations and deadlines. Providers have asked ASHA CE for a sample contract, policy or guidelines to use with outside organizations. To that end, ASHA CE has created the following documents:

You may also want to direct organizations interested in conducting a course cooperatively to resources that are available to non-ASHA Approved CE Providers.


A cooperative fee is due for each offering of a cooperative course, and must be submitted when the course or offering is registered. There is no co-op fee if all parties are ASHA Approved CE Providers. In that case, just fill out the Cooperative Offering Information section of the Course and Offering Registration Form.


For instructions on how to register a cooperative course for ASHA CEUs, please see Section 6 of the CE Administrator Tutorial.

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