Data Collection Related to Evidence-Based CE


Consumers, regulatory agencies, employers, and third party payers are demanding that health care practitioners base clinical decision-making upon recognized evidence. Speech-language pathologists and audiologists obtain clinical decision-making information from professional education courses. Increasing the number of CE courses where principle of evidence-based practice are infused in the content increases the possibility that speech-language pathologists and audiologists have needed resources and information to guide their clinical decision-making. The ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) recognizes the importance of developing mechanisms to inform CE Providers, planner, presenters and participants about how to infuse principles of evidence-based practice into CE courses and how to recognize the presence of valid and reliable evidence within CE course content.

Information is available on ASHA's CE website to help CE Providers, planners, presenters, and learners understand the importance and mechanics of including principles of evidence-based practice in CE courses. There is also a vast amount of information available elsewhere on this topic. By adding a question to the Course and Offering Registration Form, the CEB is attempting to collect baseline data about the resources that CE Providers are sharing with the individuals who are planning and implementing the course being offered for ASHA CEUs. If Providers are not currently referring individuals to resources, it is important to collect that baseline data as well so the CEB can determine additional steps they can take to assist CE providers in this critical area of CE program development.

How to Implement

For each course that you register, complete the new question (see sample below). The question is for data collection purposes only, please respond only if you did provide EB CE information.

Here's the question on the Course and Offering Registration Form:

If you provided information about the principles of Evidence-Based Continuing Education to planners and/or instructors during course development, please indicate the resources provided (check all that apply):

__ Directed the planner and/or presenter of the course to ASHA CE's Evidence-Based CE Tutorial on ASHA's website.

__Provided the Recommendations for Infusing Evidence into Continuing Education Course Content found on ASHA's website.

__Other (describe)

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