Requirements for the Purchase of Mailing Lists When Promoting Continuing Education Courses Offered for ASHA CEUs

ASHA Continuing Education (CE) wants all purchasers of mailing lists that will be used for promotional materials pertaining to continuing education courses offered for ASHA CEUs to be aware that the sample marketing piece that they provide with their mailing list order will be reviewed by ASHA CE to make certain that the piece conforms to ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) standards and requirements.

When the marketing piece mentions availability of ASHA CEUs, the marketing piece must include (a) speaker/instructor disclosure statements and (b) the ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block and the ASHA CEU sentence. You should also include a course content disclosure statement if the course focuses on one product or service and/or financial and in-kind support disclosure statements if support is received for the course from an entity other than the CE Provider.

Speaker/Instructor Disclosure Statement

As part of the implementation of Requirement 3: Transparency in Course Planning, Delivery and Marketing, disclosures for speaker/instructor must be included whenever promotional efforts mention the availability of ASHA CEUs.

Format of the Speaker/Instructor Disclosure Statement

Please comply with CEB Requirement 3 by ensuring that promotional efforts include the name of the speaker/instructor, the relevant financial relationship(s)—list the name of the organization and the type of financial relationship—and relevant nonfinancial relationship(s)—listing the name of the organization and the type of nonfinancial relationship—or statement that no relevant financial or nonfinancial relationships exist.

Sample disclosures statements are available at Disclosing in Promotional Efforts and at the Start of the Course Offering.

What to do with Multiple Speakers/Instructors

ASHA Approved CE Providers should contact their Provider Manager on the CE staff if they have any questions about developing speaker/instructor disclosure statements, formatting disclosure statements, or accommodating multiple speaker/instructor disclosures.

ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block and ASHA CEU Sentence

The promotional piece must contain the ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block, and the ASHA CEU sentence. Guidelines are available at Guidelines for the ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block [PDF].

Cooperatively Offered Courses

If your organization is working with an ASHA Approved CE Provider to offer the course for ASHA CEUs, please ensure that the ASHA Approved CE Provider has reviewed and approved your promotional piece before requesting mailing lists. The ASHA Approved CE Provider must have active involvement in planning and promoting the course, will provide their proprietary ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block, and guide you in the development of promotional materials compliant with CEB requirements.

In the event that promotional materials submitted are either incomplete or do not state speaker/instructor disclosure in compliance with CEB requirements/or do not contain the Brand Block and CEUs and Instructional Level sentence, the brochure will need to be revised before the requested mailing list can be purchased. ASHA Approved CE Providers will be contacted by their Provider Manager to discuss the brochure and what revisions are necessary.

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