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Treatment for Teachers with Voice Disorders: An Evidence-Based Review

Pannbacker, M., & Hayes, S. (2008).
EBP Briefs, 2, 59-71.
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This is a systematic review of interventions for teachers with voice disorders. 

Questions/Aims Addressed

"Is treatment of voice problems for teachers effective?" (p. 59)




Treatments for voice problems (not further specified) 

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Conclusions from This Systematic Review

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Of the ten studies included, six "provided strong support for treatment of voice problems in teachers" (p. 61). Specific results were:

  • Several studies combined two or more specific treatment techniques. Overall, vocal hygiene was most frequently used. 
  • "Greater improvement seemed to be associated with the following treatments: vocal care/hygiene, vocal exercises, vocal amplification, respiratory training, and/or resonance therapy" (p. 61). Other techniques identified were chant therapy and group therapy. 

Keywords: Teachers, Breathing Exercises, Resonant Voice Therapy, Vocal Function Exercises, Vocal Hygiene/Voice Use, Voice Amplification

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