ASHA State Association Grants

Application Process

ASHA is offering grants to state associations for the 2017 calendar year. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please read the Procedures and Guidelines prior to completing the application forms. 

Application Process
February 17, 2017

Deadline to submit application

Maximum amount: $12,000 per grant

March 10, 2017

Award notice sent to state association president

March 17, 2017

Submit grant agreement

December 1, 2017

Submit  Grant Report and Budget Report [XLS]

Phase 2 Projects

We are offering 2016 grant recipients the opportunity to apply for a Phase 2 grant in 2017 that would build upon 2016 grant projects. ASHA will hold a limited number of 2017 grant slots for Phase 2 applicants; however, award of a Phase 2 grant is not guaranteed, as new applications will also be considered.

ASHA Contact

Eileen Crowe, director of state association relations 
Phone: 301-296-5667

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