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Candidate Contribution Criteria

ASHA-PAC supports friends of speech-language pathology and audiology running for the United States Congress by providing contributions to their campaign, political or leadership committees. ASHA-PAC evaluates contribution requests based on the following guidelines:

Primary Considerations

  • The candidate's position and/or voting record on issues affecting speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists
  • The integrity and character of a candidate
  • The candidate's leadership or policy shaping position in his or her party
  • The nature and strength of a candidate's viability in a given election

Additional Considerations

  • PAC member recommendations of candidates who reflect the ideals of ASHA-PAC
  • ASHA member presence in a candidate's state/district
  • Open seat candidates with a history of support for or direct connection to speech-language pathology and/or audiology
  • Contributions to leadership PACs can be considered when the member of Congress is part of leadership or a relevant committee
  • Contributions to national political party committees may be given

ASHA-PAC Will NOT Support

  • A candidate until he/she has formally declared their intent to seek political office
  • Presidential campaigns
  • Contributions that can be perceived as tied directly to a specific vote or party affiliation
  • A government official's personal defense fund

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