Frequently Asked Questions: Filling Vacancies on ASHA's Advisory Councils

What are the different types of vacancies that can exist on ASHA's Advisory Councils?

Vacancies occur in each of ASHA's Advisory Councils (AC) in one of three ways: 1) The 3-year term is open for a new member to be elected to serve, and candidates appear on the ASHA slate developed by the Committee on Nominations and Elections (CNE); 2) a member resigns their term before the 3-year term expires (mid-term); 3) the CNE received no nominations for the vacant seat during the state's regular 3-year election cycle.

How are mid-term vacancies filled?

A mid-term vacancy occurs when a seated member of the AC no longer serves in that role, and the seat is vacant before the term ends. An example might be an individual who is holding a seat in a state and moves to another state in the middle of their term. They would no longer hold the seat for the state they left; therefore, a mid-term replacement occurs. A recommendation for a replacement is submitted in the form of a motion by the AC chair to the Committee on Committees. If approved, the appointee assumes the position immediately and serves the remaining portion of the term.

I am certified but not a member of ASHA. Can I serve on the AC?

No, a nominee must be a member of ASHA in good standing to be considered by the Committee on Nominations and Elections (CNE) for an AC position.

Are mid-term vacancies considered serving a full term?

No. It is not considered a full term of service if a member is appointed to serve the remaining portion of someone's term.

If I resign my AC seat, am I considered to have served a full term?

No. If an AC member is unable to finish his/her term, the member should provide written notice to his/her respective AC chair notifying the chair when he/she will vacate the seat. The member is not considered to have served a full term regardless of the length actually served in the position.

If I am appointed to serve a mid-term vacancy, do I still have to submit my name for consideration in the state's next AC nomination and election?

Yes. A mid-term AC appointee only serves the remaining portion of the term. If the member would like to be considered by the CNE to be placed on the ballot, he/she must submit his/her name and any accompanying information required during the Call for Nominations.

What happens if a state does not receive any nominees during its given nomination and election year?

If no nominations are received for an AC vacancy, the CNE will identify individuals who meet the eligibility requirements, as well as the desired professional and personal characteristics to serve on the AC for the stated term of service. The CNE will forward the individuals' names to the Board of Directors for their consideration once the election period has closed.

Can I nominate people in my home state if my address is an international military mailing address?

An ASHA member whose address is an international military mailing address cannot nominate any member(s) who reside(s) inside the U.S. unless the member notifies the CNE in writing — via the National Office — that his/her "home address" is the state of residence for the purpose of the ASHA Advisory Council elections.

Can anyone nominate members for an AC seat during the regular election cycle?

Per ASHA's bylaws, a member of ASHA may submit nominations and be a candidate for election to the Audiology Advisory Council or the Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Council only from the geographical region (state, District of Columbia, US territory, country,) in which the member resides. Each member is entitled to nominate up to two individuals from that member's geographical region.

Can I nominate people in my home state even though I work in a different state?

ASHA members who live in one state yet work in another may only participate in the nomination and election process for the state reflected in the ASHA member record unless written notification is sent to the CNE – via the National Office – to change their address of record.

Can I nominate members from my state during my state's regular nomination and election cycle even though we may not share the same profession?

Nominators may nominate ASHA members from either profession. Nominators can only nominate ASHA members from the geographical region (state, the District of Columbia, US territory or Country) in which the nominator resides.

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