Science Advisory Board

Liaisons with the Vice President for Science and Research.


Provide coordination and communication among the science and research entities of ASHA and charged to: monitor, assess, and provide leadership regarding the discipline's research needs, challenges, and opportunities; assure communication and collaboration across ASHA's research entities; develop a Research Agenda for the Association's research-related activities; advise the VP for Science and Research and the Board of Directors on all science/research related matters of the Association, and to review and revise as needed the charge and composition of ASHA's research-related entities (i.e., the Advisory Committee on Evidence-Based Practice, the Research and Scientific Affairs Committee, and the Publications Board).


The SAB is composed of:

  • Chair of the Science Advisory Board (SAB)
  • Vice President for Science & Research (BOD Liaison)
  • Chair of the Clinical Research, Implementation Science, & Evidence-based Practice (CRISP) committee
  • Chair of the Publications Board 
  • Chair of the Research and Scientific Affairs Committee (RSAC)
  • Chair of the Academic Affairs Board (AAB)
  • President, or designee, of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation Board
  • Member-at-Large
  • Executive Director of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation
  • Director of the National Center for Evidence-Based Practice (N-CEP) in Communication Disorders 
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs in Audiology
  • ASHA Chief Staff Officer for Science & Research (Ex Officio)


  • Marc Fey, Science Advisory Board Chair
  • Nadine Martin, BOD Liaison
  • TBD, CRISP Chair
  • Mabel Rice, Pub Board Chair
  • Kris Tjaden, RSAC Chair
  • Betsy Crais, AAB Chair
  • Alex Johnson, President ASHFoundation Board
  • Marjorie Leek, Member-at-Large
  • Nancy Minghetti, Executive Director ASHFoundation
  • Rob Mullen, Director of N-CEP
  • A. Lynn Williams, VP for Academic Affairs-SLP
  • Barbara Cone, VP for Academic Affairs-Aud
  • Margaret Rogers, CSO for Science & Research (Ex Officio)


The Science Advisory Board meets remotely at least twice a year and more often as issues arise. The SAB does not meet at the ASHA Convention as most of the board's members chair other committees and boards that do meet on Committee Day at Convention. The Chair of the SAB is invited to attend portions of these Science and Research committees' and boards' face-to-face meeting on Committee Day. Otherwise, all SAB communications occur using teleconferencing and other electronic means.

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

There is only one nominated position on the Science Advisory Board: the member-at-large. All other members serve as part of their responsibilities as chair of a science and research or academic affairs committee or board). The desired qualifications of the member-at-large position include prior experience serving on an ASHA science and research committee or board, a PhD; and demonstrated leadership in CSD research.

Future Vacancies

The next opening for the member-at-large position will be for a 2017-2019 term.

Staff Liaison

Margaret Rogers, ex officio (