Joint Committee on State-National Association Relationships

Liaisons with the Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy.


Recommend actions and policies designed to improve and maintain optimum state-national association relationships.


  • President, President Elect, and Past President of CSAP
  • Two ASHA members recommended by ASHA's VP for Government Relations and Public Policy.


  • Michael Kaplan, Chair
  • Katheryn Boada, Board Liaison¬†
  • Debra Burnett
  • Jeremy Braun
  • Kamela Rowland
  • Dena Hall


3 years


  • Meeting in May in conjunction with CSAP meeting.
  • Meeting in November in conjunction with ASHA's Convention.
  • Periodic conference calls.

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

All members must have had recent experience on a state association Executive Board. 

Preferrable for ASHA members to have ASHA volunteer experience.

Staff Liaison

Eileen Crowe, ex officio (