Financial Planning Board

Liaisons with the Vice President for Finance


Review the annual budget of the Association and the relationship between the long-range plan and the annual budgetary allocations; review the Association's financial status and structure by studying alternate proposals of fiscal management; and make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning Association policies, programs and activities consistent with the fiscal responsibilities of the Association.


Full time private practitioner or director of educational, research, or academic program or expressed interest in serving on Financial Planning Board.


  • A. Bernadette Mayfield-Clarke, Chair
  • Mel Cohen, Board Liaison
  • Amanda Rodriguez
  • Cherry Wright
  • Elise Davis-McFarland
  • Shari Robertson
  • Adan Torres
  • Rajinder Koul
  • Melissa Jakubowitz
  • Perry Flynn
  • Richard Klein
  • Dennis Ries
  • Tatiana Windley, NSSLHA
  • Arlene Pietranton
  • Kyle Vickers, Staff Liaison (Acting Ex Officio)
  • Yvonne Kankam-Boadu, Recorder

Public Member: The public member should have expertise in for-profit business practices and must serve for 3 years as a regular voting member.


3 years


  • 3 meetings annually
  • 3–4 conference calls

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

Current ASHA member and through service if elected. Limit of 2 consecutive terms. Note: The FPB conducts much of its' business electronically. As such, computer and Internet access is required for service.

Staff Liaison

Kyle Vickers (