Committee on Honors

Liaisons with the Immediate Past President


Receive nominations for Honors, Fellows, and other Association awards; elect Fellows by a two-thirds vote; transmit nominations for Honors to the Board of Directors where a 75% vote is needed for election.


The Committee on Honors comprises 3 audiologists, 3 SLPs, and 3 members who could be either profession, all of whom are Fellows and are in good standing with the Association and are appointed by the Committee on Committees.


  • Bernard Rousseau, Chair
  • Shari Robertson, Board Liaison
  • Joseph J. Montano, Vice-Chair
  • Frederick Britten
  • Kathy L. Coufal
  • Christine L. Freiberg
  • Regina B. Grantham
  • Mona R. Griffer
  • Joyce L. Harris
  • Glenn M. Waguespack


3 years


  • ​2 meetings annually (early to mid-June and Committee Day at the ASHA Convention)
  • Attendance at the Award Ceremony at Convention
  • Up to 4 conference calls per year
  • 20 hours per month from April–June
  • 1–2 hours per month the rest of the year

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

  • Current ASHA member
  • Fellow of ASHA
  • Consecutive terms not permitted

Staff Liaison

Marty Moore, ex officio (