Audit Committee

Liaisons with the Vice President for Finance.


Assist the Board of Directors in the oversight of (1) ASHA's accounting and financial reporting processes and the integrity of the Association's financial statements; (2) the annual audit of the Association's financial statements including the qualifications, independence and performance of the independent accountants; and (3) the Association's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements as they may impact the financial statements.


Positions are not open to the general membership as this committee is comprised of members from the Board of Directors and the FPB Public Member.


  • Mel Cohen, Chair, Board Liaison, VP for Finance
  • Elise Davis-McFarland, ASHA President
  • Richard Klein, FPB Public Member
  • Gail Richard, Past President
  • Shari Robertson, President-Elect

Public Member: By nature of the position, the pubic member for the Financial Planning Board also serves as the public member for the Audit Committee.


3 Years


‚ÄčOne conference call with the auditors to prepare prior to the ASHA Audit.

One conference call after the ASHA Audit to hear auditors present the results.

Staff Liaison

Kyle Vicker, ex officio (