Starting Your Relationship—A Mentor's  Point of View

It is normal to feel a little unsure of things when you are meeting your mentee for the first time. The following are some suggestions for your first meeting, be it face-to-face, on the phone, or online:

  • Share your background, including some information on why you made some important life and career choices. Try to share something about a difficult time in your career, so your mentee will be comfortable sharing similar information.
  • Explain why you were interested in being a mentor. Ask your mentee what he or she is looking for in a mentor.
  • Ask a few questions about your mentee's current experience, such as,
    • Why did you choose this field?
    • What are some short-term goals for you?
    • What skills do you most want to develop in terms of future personal and professional growth?
  • Agree on ground rules about how often you will communicate, how quickly you will be able to respond, and what level of confidentiality is expected.
  • Complete the  Setting the Ground Rules questions.
  • Set up a date for your next meeting or phone call.

Starting the Relationship—A Mentee's Point of View | Setting the Ground Rules

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