Explore the Power of Passionate Mentoring!

Mentoring is about learning and being open to new ideas, plans, and processes. This information is here to empower you in your mentoring relationships. Take advantage of the Mentor and Mentee Manuals' concrete advice and guidelines.

  • S.T.E.P. 1:1 mentoring program participants. The manuals are designed to complement the 6-month online mentoring program.
  • Independent mentors and mentees. The Mentor and Mentee manuals give you a road map for managing your mentoring relationship, even if you are not a S.T.E.P. 1:1 mentoring program participant.

"Individuals should have more than one mentor in our fast-changing world including a senior mentor within their organization, peer mentors, and mentors outside the organization." Source: Academy of Management Review, 2001

Mentoring Manual

For a full copy of the following pages, be sure to print out ASHA's Mentoring Manual [PDF].

The Basics

What is Mentoring?
Benefits of Mentoring
Roles of the Mentee and Mentor
General Rules to Remember
Guidelines for Mentoring Success

Getting Started

Starting Your Relationship
Setting the Ground Rules
Tips on Virtual Mentoring Relationships
Mentoring and Coaching Skills
Characteristics of Excellent Mentors


Giving Effective Feedback
Dealing with Possible Problems

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