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School Advocacy Resources

Success Stories

School District Success Stories - Learn how school-based SLPs have successfully advocated for improved conditions in their district.

Facilities & Working Conditions

Advocating for Special Education Working Conditions [PDF] (National Education Association) - This resource focuses on the working conditions of general and special educators who work with students with disabilities.

Appropriate School Facilities for Students with Speech-Language-Hearing Disorders - This report contains minimum requirements for creating optimal learning and assessment environments for students. It is designed to be a reference when building a new school, redesigning an existing structure, and/or advocating for improvement of facility work conditions.

Working for Change: A Guide for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists in Schools [PDF] - This guide offers strategies on how to negotiate with school unions/associations and school administrators to advocate for identified individual and local needs.


School Funding Advocacy - Identify and understand the complex and multiple funding processes involved in public school-based services from federal, state, and local perspectives.

Every Student Succeeds Act

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) (U.S. Department of Education) - ESSA legislation, regulations, guidance and resources.

Crosswalk of Current Law with Every Student Succeeds Act (National Education Association) [PDF]

Salaries & Benefits

Increasing Salaries in the Schools - Information on advocating for higher salaries and additional benefits with school unions and administrators.

Salary Supplement Initiative - This resource guide provides information on advocating for the salary supplement initiative at the local and state levels.

State Advocacy

Advocacy in Action: A State Model for Change - This guide assists state speech-language-hearing associations interested in engaging in state-level advocacy efforts to create an effective state advocacy program, with tips for analyzing a state's potential for successful advocacy.

State Education Advocacy Leaders (SEALs) - Appointed by ASHA recognized state speech-language-hearing associations, SEALs advocate on education issues, including caseload/workload, salary supplements, and maintenance on personnel standards.

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