Resources for Language, Literacy, and AAC in the Schools

For a discussion of language, literacy and AAC, see "Language, Literacy, and AAC: Time to Move Forward," by Julie Scherz and Pamela Hart, in the September 10, 2002 issue of The Leader. The article will appear in the Special Interest Groups column and was written in collaboration with:

These special interest groups promote the exchange of information among scientists, clinicians, and researchers interested in their topic areas. Each publishes a newsletter that is a free to SIG affiliates. Each is an approved ASHA CE provider that offers affiliates the opportunity to earn CEUs through self-study of their respective newsletters. There is no additional fee to the affiliate, beyond the annual CE registration fee. For information on the divisions, visit the SIG page or contact ASHA's Action Center at 301-498-2071.

Other resources include the following:

(Note: This list is not comprehensive and, with the exception of ASHA documents, does not represent an endorsement on the part of ASHA or any of the special interest groups) 

Computer-supported literacy: Reading, writing, and referencing

Links to Literacy, Disability, and Technology Web sites

Multiple links to information resources about AAC

ASHA Corporate Partners