Research Symposium at ASHA Convention


The Research Symposium aims to bring together clinicians and researchers at ASHA's Annual Convention, in order to discuss current research that has important implications for the study of communication processes and disorders. Each year's symposium focuses on a specific research theme. Research is presented by invited speakers who are experts in their fields.

The Research Mentoring-Pair Travel Award (RMPTA) is offered in conjunction with this program, in order to provide a research mentoring experience to students who show promise as emerging scientists. This award provides up to ten ASHA Convention registration fee waivers in addition to up to five cash awards of $500 for each member of top-rated mentor-protégé pairs.

The Symposium is an annual program that has been offered since 1990. It has been funded, in part, by a grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).


The Symposium is open to all attendees of the ASHA annual Convention who are interested in current research.


The Symposium consists of several talks related to a central research issue with opportunities for discussion between clinicians, junior investigators and senior investigators.

The 2014 Symposium topic is Primary Language Impairment in Children with Concomitant Health Conditions or Nonmainstream Language Backgrounds. Debate abounds regarding how best to diagnose primary language impairment in children with concomitant ADHD, cochlear implants, or autism, and in children for who English is an emerging second language or who speak a non-mainstream English dialect.

Discussion will center on the effects that clinical categorization and causal theories can have on shaping reimbursement policy, driving clinical practice, influencing treatment outcomes, and otherwise affecting the lives of these many children. Convention attendees are invited to learn more about these debates and to consider the challenges associated with and the tremendous importance of identifying primary language impairments in children with concomitant conditions known to associate with language development.

How to Attend

The Symposium is scheduled for November 22, 2014, at the ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida. Any Convention attendee may attend and no ticket is required for this event. Attendees are welcome for the entire day or individual Symposium sessions.

For more information on the annual Research Symposium, please contact ASHA's Academic Affairs and Research Education unit at

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