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Asha Magazine

This is an archive of frequently requested articles from Asha, which was published from 1959 to 1999 as the official magazine of the Association. In 2000, the most popular features of Asha magazine and The ASHA Leader newspaper were combined to form the new 4-color tabloid-size publication, The ASHA Leader.

AuD Degree: The Doctoring Degree in Audiology (April 1989) [PDF] by David P. Goldstein

The FACS of Life (April 1995) [PDF] by Carol M. Frattali, Cynthia M. Thompson, Audrey L. Holland, Cheryl B. Wohl and Michelle M. Ferketic

From Clinic to Conference Room: Speech-Language Pathology in the Corporate Sector (June 1995) [PDF] by Katie Schwartz

Historic Treatments for Stuttering: From Pebbles to Psychoanalysis (June 1989) [PDF] by Barbara Goldberg

Normal Communication Changes in Older Adults (April 1999) [PDF] by Debra Busacco

The Public School Specialist in Stuttering (July 1977) [PDF] by Charles Van Riper

Recollections From a Pioneer (June 1989) [PDF] by Charles Van Riper

Renewal and Rediscovery: Insights from Memoirs of Illness and Disability (Summer 1998) [PDF] by Ray D. Kent

Speaking Out: Evaluating New Training Programs (Summer 1997) [PDF] by Paula Tallal

Speaking Out: For Language Impairment (Summer 1997) [PDF] by Mabel L. Rice

Speech Therapy in a Camp Setting: The Growth and Development of a Speech Habilitation Center (November 1963) [PDF] by John N. Clancy and David Prins

Spread the Word: Writing Science to Be Read (Summer 1998) [PDF] by Ruth Levy Guyer

Stuttering: Where and Whither? (September 1974) [PDF] by Charles Van Riper

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