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EBP Compendium: Summary of Systematic Review

Vestibular Rehabilitation - For Whom and How? A Systematic Review

Hansson, E. E. (2007).
Advances in Physiotherapy, 9(3), 106-116.

Indicators of Review Quality:

The review addresses a clearly focused question No
Criteria for inclusion of studies are provided Yes
Search strategy is described in sufficient detail for replication Yes
Included studies are assessed for study quality No
Quality assessments are reproducible No

Description: This is a review of intervention studies investigating vestibular rehabilitation for individuals experiencing dizziness. Disorders included, but were not limited to, Ménière’s disease, benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV), acoustic neuroma and other neurological causes of dizziness.

Question(s) Addressed:

Question not specifically stated.

Population: Not stated

Intervention/Assessment: Vestibular rehabilitation

Number of Studies Included: 71

Years Included: through November 2006



  • Treatment
    • Vestibular Rehabilitation
      • The authors found evidence for vestibular rehabilitation for a number of disorders. Specifically, strong evidence was found for vestibular rehabilitation in individuals with Ménière’s disease and "moderately strong evidence for vestibular rehabilitation after surgery" (p. 111).
      • There was insufficient evidence for vestibular rehabilitation for individuals with neurological causes of dizziness, BPPV and migraine-associated dizziness. However, the authors indicate that the "results are promising enough for recommending vestibular treatment for these groups of patients" (p. 113).
      • Further research is warranted.

Keywords: Balance Disorders, BPPV, Ménière's Disease, Vestibular Rehabilitation

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Added to Compendium: March 2012

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