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EBP Compendium: Summary of Clinical Practice Guideline

Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists; Department of Health (UK); National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)
RCSLT Clinical Guidelines: 5.7 Deafness and Hearing Loss

Taylor-Goh, S., ed. (2005).
RCSLT Clinical Guidelines. Bicester, Speechmark Publishing Ltd.

AGREE Rating: Highly Recommended


This evidence-based guideline provides recommendations for the assessment and management of communication impairments caused by deafness or hearing loss in children and adults. These guidelines are intended for speech-language pathologists working with this client population. 


  • Language Screening/Assessment

In assessing the communication abilities of individuals with deafness or hearing loss it is important to:

    • collect a thorough case history
    • inspect the auditory device (hearing aid, cochlear implant) if applicable
    • assess the individual's functional use of the auditory device (if applicable)
    • video recording and analysis may be appropriate with the individual's consent
    • assess the individual's use of multiple modalities of communication including gesture, spoken language, speech, and sign
    • assess preverbal communication skills (if applicable)
    • assess social and interaction skills
    • assess spoken, written, and signed language (if applicable)
    • assess aided and unaided auditory perception
    • assess speech reading
    • assess speech production or sign intelligibility
    • assess voice and prosody
  • Language Treatment

Management of communication impairments caused by deafness or hearing loss may include:

    • early intervention
    • intervention targeting social and interactional communication
    • intervention targeting linguistic competence
    • environmental modification
    • auditory training
    • intervention to improve speech intelligibility
    • speech reading training
    • classroom management

Keywords: Deafness; Hearing Loss

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Added to Compendium: November 2010

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