October 24, 2012

Heads Up About Provider Scam

ASHA has received several reports about a scam that is being attempted on members in private practice. There are two reported variations of the same basic scam.

In the first variation, the scammer is requesting to have his or her child see a private practitioner while visiting the United States. The scammer requests to pre-pay for an evaluation. The scammer then sends a cashier's check that is in an amount well above the evaluation charge. At this point, the scammer requests that the practitioner deposit the money in his or her bank account and send back the overage (minus some money for the inconvenience).

In the second variation, the scammer reports to be a plastic surgeon in Sydney, Australia. He claims to have a client who works as a model. He also claims she has started having voice problems and that he would like to refer her to see a speech-language pathologist in the United States. Again, the scammer asks to send a certified check to pre-pay for services that she would receive while visiting the United States for a modeling job.

For more information on this type of check scam and where to report being targeted, visit the Federal Trade Commission's website.


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