July 1, 2013 Association

Meet the Students Leading the Professions' Future

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association's Executive Council—the student organization's leadership body—comprises 11 student councilors. Ten of the councilors represent specific regions and one councilor holds at at-large seat. Each of the councilors works with an associated delegate, who serves as a deputy councilor, to carry out their specific goals. In addition, four ASHA members serve as consultants.

The regional councilors and delegates, who serve two-year terms, represent the interests of communications sciences and disorders students. New councilors and delegates from five regions and the at-large position began their terms this year.

Kelly Gorman: Region 1 councilor; second-year master's student in speech-pathology at the Massachusetts Institute of Health Professions. Gorman looks forward to "the opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally ... surrounded by others who are as passionate about speech and hearing as I am." She will work alongside Katherine Marks, a delegate and first-year master's student in speech-language pathology at the Massachusetts Institute of Health Professions

Cynthia McGuire: Region 3 councilor; second-year master's student at the University of West Georgia. McGuire is vice president of her local NSSLHA chapter and serves as co-chair of the Student Affairs Committee of the Georgia Speech-Language Hearing Association Executive Council. McGuire believes that "being a part of professional organizations is essential to becoming a well-rounded, knowledgeable speech-language pathologist." She will work with Barbara Paschall, an undergraduate senior at the University of Tennessee–Knoxville.

Kate Carstens: Region 4 councilor; is an undergraduate senior at the University of Cincinnati. Carstens has been engaged in professionally relevant activities while working part-time and maintaining a full-time academic courseload. Carstens is an officer of the University of Cincinnati's NSSLHA chapter. She will work with Molly Murrison, an undergraduate senior also attending the University of Cincinnati.

Chelsea Franzluebbers: Returning region 6 councilor; second-year master's student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Franzleubbers is vice president of the NSSLHA Executive Council, and will work alongside Jeffery Millspaugh, a first-year master's student at Wichita State University. Millspaugh recognizes that "the real benefit in joining NSSLHA is that you get to create lifelong ties with others in the field."

Danielle Utianski: Region 9 councilor, first-year master's student at George Washington University. Utianski applied for a position on the council after volunteering at the 2012 ASHA Convention and taking part in NSSLHA's 40th anniversary. She "had the chance to meet and talk with members of the council and was able to see their passion for the board and the speech and hearing professions paralleled in everyday conversation." She will carry out her vision for the region with assistance from Max Pell, a second-year master's student at Stephen F. Austin University. 

Nia Potier: Member-at-large, representing audiology, doctoral research, and culturally and linguistically diverse students. Poitier is a second-year AuD student at Louisiana Tech University. Her goal is "to see NSSLHA get more audiology students to attend the ASHA convention and to participate more in national activities." She will work with the member-at-large delegate, Jonathan Schug—a third-year AuD student from the University of Memphis—to achieve that goal.


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