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Spotlight on Special Interest Group 12, Augmentative and Alternative Communication

When was SIG 12 founded?

SIG 12 was founded in 1992. The original coordinating committee included Carolyn Watkins as coordinator and Joan Bruno as associate coordinator. Other committee members were Kathleen Kangas, Arlene Kraat and Gail Van Tatenhove.

How many affiliates does SIG 12 have?

As of last November, 2,609 ASHA members were affiliated with SIG 12. We gained more than 200 new affiliates in 2012. 

Why should ASHA members affiliate with SIG 12?

In the assessment for and selection of AAC systems for clients, the iPad and use of apps have had a significant impact on the role of SLPs. Pre-service training in AAC is important for SLPs who work in a variety of settings-for example, schools and hospitals-with people with a range of disabilities. 

How does SIG 12 affect the membership at large?

By affiliating with SIG 12, ASHA members have the opportunity to participate in a community of peers dedicated to improving the quality and availability of AAC services to consumers throughout the lifespan, promoting clinically relevant research, educating and mentoring current and future professionals, and identifying and addressing the service-provision needs of speech-language pathologists and audiologists. 

What are two benefits of affiliating with your SIG that everyone should know about?

Affiliates can earn CEUs by reading Perspectives on Augmentative and Alternative Communication for $5 per issue. Take the exam online, and get results and a certificate of completion immediately.

SIG 12 affiliates receive special discounts on select short courses at the ASHA convention, along with special early-bird registration fees for ASHA's Health Care/Business Institute and Schools Conference. Affiliates also enjoy reduced cost for other, select ASHA continuing education opportunities. 

Which of your recent Perspectives articles is a must-read for CSD professionals and why?

Here are three recent, must-read articles:


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